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Genesis 21vs 12 contains a story of Jacob’s dream in the house of God, and Angels anscending and desceding: He had a dream in which he saw a stairway [a] resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

By the grace of God, this blog is a sanctary of God..which implies that His presence is here all time. I believe God has assigned Angels to this blog to receive Prayers of Saints and also to bring back responses to such prayers.

This page is for receiving prayer requests. You may also download and fill our deliverance form in the link below, to enable us have background information to address your prayer request. The link is:

The Save the World team will intercede for these requests, but even if we fail to intercede for any reasons, considered your prayers answered once you type them in the comment box below.

This is because, I am persuaded and believe that there the presence of God is on this blog. You should post your prayer request with the faith that you are writing a letter to God, and the Angels of God on this blog will surely deliver your letter and bring back answers to them in Jesus name

Post your prayer requestsin faith in the comments below. The Holy Spirit is recording them as type in, and God through His invisible power will attend to and answer your  prayer requests in Jesus name.

Kindly post our prayer requests in the comments box below:

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Kindly find below the names of online Pastors who are partners with the Save the World Blog.Kindly contact any of them for Counselling and Prayers:

1. Pastor Jonathan Oriabure (Christ Foundation Evangelical Church)- +234-80823091999, +234-8078523184

2. Pastor Godwin Akogun-     +234-8027592558 



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