Christian sermons on interpretation of dreams


Memorise: “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:2).

Read: Genesis 40:14

For refusing to lie with Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was thrown into prison. While there, he met Pharaoh’s chief butler and the chief baker who had offended their master. One night, each of them had a dream which got them worried, and needing an interpreter. Joseph was able to fill the gap. His interpretation and the fulfilment was a whooping 100% success!

One or two lessons here is that Joseph like Apostle Paul strove for mastery and excellence. He was never static, his various predicaments notwithstanding. He started as a young dreamer and grew into an interpreter of dreams. There are differences between the two. Anybody can dream – believers and non-believers alike. But not everyone can correctly interpret dreams. Are you growing in your gift?

To most believers and unbelievers, dreams are still in coded spiritual signs and languages which cannot easily be deciphered with common sense or logic. Today, several books are written on dreams and interpretation. To identify the symbols and meaning is one thing. To know how such symbols relate either negatively, positively or indifferently to the particular situation is another. But more important is being born again and having the Spirit of revelation in the life of the interpreter.

Interpretation of dreams is God’s prerogative. Dreams are His secrets He wants to share with mortals. Hence Joseph told his colleagues in prison, ‘Interpretation of dreams belongs to God’ (Genesis 40:8). There are certain dreams you cannot unravel except God reveals it to you by His Spirit. Always consult the Giver of dreams for the interpretation.

Another salient lesson in today’s reading is that spiritual gifts are best developed in a wilderness – that is under isolation, and in trying times. God may allow you to be on a sick bed, out of public glare just to develop your spiritual gifts. Jesus learnt obedience by going through situations that will cause Him to disobey, but He never did. To develop the fruit of love, you will have to contend with situations of hatred, bitterness, betrayal and disappointment by those you so love and trusted. It is when you overcome these that your love will grow stronger. As you patiently develop your gifts during contrary moments, God will elevate you to the top.

Symbols without the Spirit is misleading. If you have the spirit, you have the symbols of your dream. Ask for the gift to interpret dreams. You can be another Joseph.

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