Sermons on divine restoration


Memorise: “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated” (Deut 34:7)

Read: Job 42:12-17

God is the Great Restorer. Anything that the spirit of loss has snatched can be recovered by our God. He can restore lost years according to Joel 2:25. That means what you considered lost over the years can be given to you presently. Have you lost any valuable thing at some point? This year, the Lord will restore it to you in Jesus’ Name.

Similarly, God can reverse the natural ageing process and restore youthfulness and vigour to you, hence Psalm 103:5 says God renews your youth like the eagles. If you know how to tap into this grace of God, you will live like a youth inspite of your age throughout your life.

This was the experience of Moses who at 120 years retained his youthful strength, vigour and physique (Deut 34:7). According to our reading, Job bagged an extra 140 years after his trial. The Lord will renew and restore your age this year.

A man once met me and told me that some 40 years ago – precisely when he was 44 years old, he met a prophet who told him what would happen to him for the rest of his life. He gave him the details of the number of children he would have, the house he would build, up to the exact day of death when he clocked 84.

He said he believed the prophet since everything else he said had happened as he prophesied. He came to see me because he had two weeks left so that he could die in the camp on holy ground. I told him since he is now born again, he would not die at that time because God is greater than any prophet. By the grace of God, he is already over 96.

God can restore the years you wasted as an unbeliever. He can restore wasted efforts. In Luke 5:1-7, Peter toiled all night without a fish. Yet, when the Lord came into his emptiness, a harvest of several fishing trips was his at a go!

The night the Israelites left Egypt, the labours of 430 years were fully paid! For a user of this Devotional, this is your year of restoration. The Lord is restoring your wasted efforts, time and life. The years you thought were gone are coming back to you in grand style. Have you worked without pay?

God is restoring it to you. The truth is, if you can truly make Jesus Christ your Lord, there is no real loss. All you have is temporary deprivation followed by abundant restoration. The Lord is renewing your years. As you draw nearer in obedience to Him, He will rejuvenate you. Henceforth, your years will not be wasted.

Some believers cannot access restoration because they have forgotten what they lost.
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