Prayers against failures and disappointments

Ø     Oh Lord, send your acts of fire to the foundation of my life and destroy every evil plantation there, in Jesus name.

Ø     Fire of God, consume the evil plot of the enemy that is working against my life, in the name of Jesus.

Ø     Heavenly surgeons, perform the necessary surgical operations in all areas of my life, in Jesus name.

Ø     I renounce and break all curses put on my family line and my descendants, in Jesus name.

Ø     I command all doors of good things closed against me by the enemy to be opened now, in Jesus name.

Ø     Let all satanic satellites and cameras being used to monitor my life, crash to irredeemable pieces, in Jesus name.

Ø     Every evil power activating failure against me, be destroyed, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Ø     I bind every evil spirit working against answers to my prayers, in Jesus name. I render null and void every incantations, spells and curses issued against me by evil personalities.

Ø     Oh Lord, let the Holy Ghost fire from Heaven break every spirit of stagnancy in every area of my life, in Jesus name.

Ø     I decree that all my blessings held captive be released to me now in Jesus name.

Ø     Oh Lord, destroy every evil veil directed to cover my destiny, in Jesus name. Every inner voice speaking discouragement and unbelief to my heart be silenced in the name of Jesus.

Ø     Every vicious circle of problems in my life be broken, in Jesus name.

Ø     You evil record planted by the devil in anyone’s mind against my advancement, be shattered to pieces in Jesus name.  Update this article by sending a contribution titled: ‘Deliverance Prayers’

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